Activities of SSE Intern Recruitment Week 2021 Successfully Organized

SSE (School of Software Engineering) has organized activities of one-week intern recruitment successfully from May 9th  to May 15th  in order to establish a quality platform for internship posts. This intern recruitment week involves in a variety of recruitment activities such as introductory sessions and mutual selection. Over 90 companies and organizations have attended to offer a rich variety of internship jobs. Over 600 students have participated. To guarantee the outcome of the activities, SSE has facilitated a mobilization meeting before the intern recruitment week on one hand; on the other hand, internship job information has been released and advocated on different platforms in advance. Finally the intern recruitment week ends up successfully.
Because of the influence of pandemics, the national scale of graduate enrollment has been expanded and the number of grade 2020 students of SSE amounts to over 600 which causes pressure of getting enough internship position.SSE opened a mobilization meeting both on Hefei and Suzhou campus and set up internship QQ group for over 600 grade 2020 students. On the meeting the school has explained to students about relevant internship policies, guided them to have deep understanding of the purpose and significance of internship as well as to get adequate management of internship process and safety education. Moreover, the school has guided students to have the awareness of serving state’s strategies and serving the country, and to consciously combine personal development with the needs of the society.

(Internship Mobilization Meeting)

 During the intern recruitment week the key units and organizations such as ZTE corporation,Shanghai Institute of Micro-system and Information Technology (SIMIT) Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology CAS have given 22 introductory sessions which could be both attended offline and online which is convenient for students on Hefei campus.And students from Hefei can reimburse the round-trip travel expenses if they participate in the internship recruitment activities in Suzhou according to SSE’s management meeting decision.

(Introductory Sessions as well as Oral Interviews and Written Screening Tests )


On May 11th, “the Internship Supply and Demand Fair”, being co-organized by Recruitment and Employment Department of the university, Suzhou Institute for Advanced Study and School of Software Engineering, has been held successfully in Suzhou.“The Internship Supply and Demand Fair”is the key part of the the intern recruitment week and this is the first time for SSE to adopt the mutual selection method to establish the internship platform for students.Recruitment and Employment Department of the university, Suzhou Institute for Advanced Study and School of Software Engineering have done preparatory work such as plan-making,invitation of employers, places for oral and written interview as well as the multi-platform and multichannel publicity. Adhering to the state strategy and university principle  the combination of the school and research institute, some research institutes of CAS have been invited particularly in addition to IT companies like Tencent, Tiktok, ZTE and Cambrian. Actually there are about 70 employers and organization who have participated in this event and offered about 3000 IT research and development positions.Over 50 students volunteers have offered service for the employers and organizations who praised students’ volunteer work for the considerate service.

(Mutual Selection Fair )

During the whole recruitment week SSE has conducted extensive communication with the employers and organizations who have praised highly on students’ solid professional skills and good spiritual maturity and would expect to have various facets of cooperation with both the university and the school. The students are pleased with the recruitment week and grateful for easy access to the various internship opportunities on campus.